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We are two friends who talk reality television, celebrity gossip and all things Bravo! 


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Apr 29, 2021

We talk the Temptation Island reunion before getting into 90 Day Happily Ever After. We talk Angie still cracking us up and her questionable surgery decision, being OVER Mike and Natalie, our issues with the staged Andrei/Elizabeth, Julia trying to never leave Las Vegas, and more!

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Apr 28, 2021

We wrap up a great season of Temptation Island talking finding Chelsea and Tom's decision to be hilarious, Erica doing the right thing and Kendal being surprised, the cute proposal, our thoughts on the season overall, and more!

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Apr 23, 2021

We talk the premieres of RHOBH and RHONY before getting into Bravo for the week. We discuss RHONJ getting into Marge losing us and parenting decision, Summer House and Hannah putting a damper on the season, RHOD and it's unwatchable state, the end of RHOA and our thoughts on Drew's "gift", and more! 

Apr 22, 2021

We get into the Temptation Island finale Part I. We rant about the disappointing decision Corey made and our issues with their conversation, Erica coming in hot hopefully leading to a breakup and Kendall trying to fake emotion, what we hope for Chelsea/Tom and Julian/Kristin and more!

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Apr 16, 2021

We discuss the RHOBH trailer and our hopes for the season before getting into Bravo for the week. We talk Summer House derby day and loving Paige this season, RHONJ and where we fall on the psychic, RHOA and the "Prophet", RHOD and Kary's gross behavior, and more!

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