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We are two friends who talk reality television, celebrity gossip and all things Bravo! 


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Feb 27, 2021

We go deep on a hall of fame episode of RHOA discussing Kenya's snitch behavior, our love for Kandi, and who we think got Bolo'd. Then, we get into RHONJ dissecting Teresa's behavior and Jackie's chances at making it out alive, Summer House and where we fall on Hannah/Kyle and then wrap up with a little RHOSLC...

Feb 25, 2021

We talk random Tik Tok things and our Patreon Live before getting into episode two of Temptation Island. We talk the difference between women and men's behavior, who we are rooting for (Erica), hate on Kendal's behavior, wonder what Thomas/Chelsea's odds are, rant about the devil/angel party and more!

For our bonus...

Feb 24, 2021

We talk our upcoming Patreon Live before getting into the latest 90 day. We talk Brandon and Julia's poor decision, Stephanie's insane behavior, Natalie/Mike at the end of their rope, Jovi's drinking, Rebecca's insecurities and more!

Feb 22, 2021

We talk very important Gummy bear business and our upcoming live show before getting into Love After Lockup. We discuss John coming through with the braids, hopefully seeing the last of Destinie/Shawn, loving Lamar/Andrea's vibes, the ridiculous fight over Shavel and more!

Feb 19, 2021

We talk an EPIC RHONJ premiere going deep into Teresa's wild behavior and Jackie coming out swinging. Then, we talk Summer House and the Luke/Hannah mess, RHOD and Kary vs. D'Andra, RHOA and Kandi being the best as always, and a little Below Deck.