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Jul 31, 2020

We are sharing our exclusive interview with Stacey Hampton from Married at First Sight Australia currently airing on Lifetime as part of our 2nd anniversary celebration.

 We discuss it all and SPOILER ALERT as we get all tea on how the show ends. We talk:

  • What COVID looks like in Australia
  • How she got on the show
  • What...

Jul 28, 2020

We discuss another great week in the 90 Day universe where we start with Happily Ever After discussing Americans being terrible abroad, Debbie and Jess leaving bad impressions, and Libby's family's behavior. Then we get into The Other Way (34:00) where we laugh about translation issues, hospitals, Tim being pointless...

Jul 23, 2020

We talk our upcoming 2 year anniversary live show and then get into all things 90 Day starting with Happily Ever After. We discuss Debbie's ICE impersonation, Andrei going next level douche, Michael/Angela's chances, the lack of research these people do and more!

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Jul 15, 2020

We are joined by the lovely Erin Martin from the Pink Shade podcast to talk The Other Way where we discuss our love of Armando/Kenny, our issues with Brittany/Ari, get some insider info from Erin on the couples, and also get excited for Love After Lockup. Then, we discuss Happily Ever After which definitely needs to be...

Jul 8, 2020

We talk the latest week in 90 Day land starting with Happily Ever after where we discuss our hatred for the men and continued bad decisions before diving into The Other Way where we discuss Jihoon blowing it, flying by the seat of her pants Ari and more!

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